10 Unexpected Benefits Of Leg Massage

The legs are an important part of the body, one which you use the most yet care the least about. Whether you are an athlete, fitness junkie, or someone whose work entails a lot of traveling, at the end of the day, you probably are sitting pretty tired with aching legs. A leg massage targets all the muscles of your legs and helps in relieving sore and tense muscles. It helps in enabling blood circulation.

In this blog, you will get to know about the benefits of a leg massage you probably were not aware of.

Improves your Blood Circulation

Unexpected Benefits Of Leg Massage
Leg massage

Be it an office desk job or the sudden work from home changes in our life given the pandemic, it all boils down to one thing, Sitting for hours on end. However convenient it might be to not have to shuffle around, sitting reduces the amount of blood flow to the muscles of our legs which can cause them to turn weak and tighten. Also, imagine the n number of cramps you probably have endured every time you get up from your desk. A good leg massage will ensure blood circulation keeps running enabling movement in those muscles.

Say bye-bye to Leg Pain

We’ve all woken up to or ended the day with leg pain out of nowhere. Whether it was a new rigorous exercise routine that you tried or because of cramps or a strain in your muscles, a leg massage targets the specific area relieving the pain. It relieves the nerves in the area that cause pain and works very effectively.

It helps in Improving your Sleep

No kidding here! As proven by studies, a leg massage session before bedtime can help induce sleepiness and get you a proper amount of rest at night. It relaxes the nerves in the leg while also wearing you off from all the fatigue which gets you to drift off to dreamland sooner than you will notice.

It helps in Improving Recovery Time from Injuries

Benefits Of Leg Massage
Benefits Of Leg Massage

A massage yields your leg muscles to be strong and flexible and helps them to heal and recover efficiently after an injury has been encountered. Normal injuries like leg cramps, spasms, and swelling can also be prevented because a leg massage makes your legs stronger and lowers the risk of acquiring them. It also benefits those who do high-intensity workouts frequently or on a daily basis.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Rendering a calm and relaxed state is not the only benefit of a good leg massage; it extends beyond that. It helps reduce any form of anxiety and depression as shown by studies conducted in this area.

It Helps in Improving Postural Alignment

Our posture is something we really need to take care of otherwise it could go bad. Leg massage is said to be significant in our posture. According to IPSB, frequent leg massages can help in improving misalignment, especially of our hips which cause one of the main reasons for bad posture.

Helps in Reducing Edema

Massaging the foot can help prevent this condition which is a very common issue among pregnant women. Edema takes place when there is swelling in the feet and ankle areas because of fluid retention. Massage your feet every day for good results and to alleviate any discomfort that can take place.

Helps with Lymphatic Drainage

Leg Massage Benefits
Helps with Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system of our body essentially sends a thing called lymph which is a fluid that fights infection and is important in ridding our body of waste as well as taking extra fluid, cells back into the cycle of circulation and improving our immune system. An accumulation of this lymph can prevent the body from carrying this function out and can cause pain and swelling. A leg massage thus helps in letting our circulation ease-out preventing this from occurring.

It can help with PMS

During PMS, many women suffer from a plethora of issues from mental to physical. Symptoms like irritation, anxiety, headache, and migraines can simply interfere with daily life tasks but a good leg massage can help relieve these symptoms. Daily foot and leg massages will be really beneficial during this time.

Helps with Blood Pressure Issues

With the constant changes in our lifestyles and skewed work-life balance, blood pressure is one common issue prevailing in many people today. There could be several underlying causes for the same but having to keep your blood pressure in check is very important. It has been studied that a foot massage session a few times a week can help reduce the levels of blood pressure.

A lot of the massage techniques are pretty easy to learn and so investing some time from your hectic schedule is something you should really consider. Self-care is a holistic thing that includes looking after your overall health.  Now that we have listed down the benefits, you might be wondering about a few things. Probably whether getting a frequent massage is good or not, or whether there is a specific time limit you should follow for the same.

Well, here’s the answer to those questions –

Is daily leg massage good for you?

Massage Benefits
Leg Massage Benefits

Well yes, a daily 10-20-minute leg massage session can prove to be very beneficial by not only relieving stress and tension but also maintaining healthy leg muscles. It also stimulates blood flow and improves circulation in that particular area.

How long should I massage my legs?

Massage one leg for at least 5 minutes at a time before moving on to the next one.

How often should I massage my leg?

Getting a massage a few times a week (at least 2-3 times) is very beneficial for you and will keep your leg’s health in check.

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