Easy and smart home cleaning tips for Diwali 2021:

Diwali is round the corner, and everyone is hustling all day to clean the house, arrange and get the festive spirit and radiance seep into every corner of the rooms. House cleaning before any festival or occasion is bound to make any busy person nervous, anxious, antsy and tired. The joy of Diwali fills our hearts and as we thrum with excitement, but it is the cleaning part that, in all honesty, we all dread.

Even if you plan on having no one over or are mostly planning on spending your day out, you need to have a spotless and well-decorated home. Hindu customs and traditions are nearly mandatory to have a sparkling clean and radiant house as Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi bring fortune and wealth to those with well kept and decorated homes.

Here are some last-minute Diwali cleaning tips and tricks for your house that are a quick fix to make your home clean this Diwali. These hacks and smart house cleaning tips won’t just make your home look great but will make it easier for you to know where to start and what to do-

1. Begin your cleaning spree early-

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Set a day a couple of days earlier before Diwali and start your cleaning and decorating since then. Make sure the day you start cleaning is not too early for the cleanliness of the rooms to not last till Diwali, but certainly you should not be too late to start because then you spiral into stress and get antsy. It all might seem tedious, so divide your work for two days or more. Assign one room to yourself and keep up with the routine. Due to covid-19 disinfecting the home has become very important. You can book and avail services because the cleaning services team do work keeping guidelines in mind on how to clean your quarantine room after covid.

2. Start from the ceilings and walls-

Start the process from top to bottom. Dust the corners free of cobwebs, dirt and grim residues that have collected on your ceilings and fan. Clean down your walls, change the curtains and fix the A/C and other on-wall items like photo frames etc.

3. Clean the furniture in your house-

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Wipe and dust off cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, tables, chairs, countertops, etc. Disinfect every single piece of furniture in your home with antibacterial cleaners and sanitizers. These days sofa cleaning services at home are very popular, and we can go with that option for ease.

4. Make the bed-

Prepare the bed, dust the covers, change the sheets, fluff up your pillows and wipe down the headboard. Gather all the items that need cleaning and put them in the laundry. Change the bedsheets if required, otherwise put the mattress and bed sheet on a surface with enough sunlight to kill the germs, most preferably the rooftop or the balcony where there is direct sunlight.

5. Laundry and cleaning-

Wash and dry clean your outfits, dresses and accessories. Clean utensils that have been collected over days and wash pillows, blankets or whatever needs laundry or washing.

6. Organize your wardrobe, closet, showcases and drawers-

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Collect all the clutter and unnecessary mess around the rooms, put them in a box, and store them away in a storage room to deal with them later. If you have time in your hands, separate the necessary items from trash and organize them accordingly into drawers or boxes. Arrange your clean clothes, office items, stationery, etc. Into closets and drawers. Collect all the unwanted or unfitting clothes and items in a box after sanitizing and cleaning them. This Diwali, you can now celebrate the festival of light with love and donate them to nearby charities. Learn some Simple Hacks To Keep Your Home Organized And Tidy.

7. Clean your worship room or altar-

Make sure your altar or room or worship space is sparkling clean. Dust around the altar, wipe the area and prepare fresh flowers to decorate.

8. Cleaning the floors-

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Check for the floor to be free of mess and spots. Next, vacuum the carpets, sweep and wipe the floors with wet rags and bacteria-killing cleaners. Start with the living room and work your way to the bedrooms, kid’s rooms, worship room, balcony and hallway. Use a nice smelling but not too strong air freshener or scented candles to level up your cleaning and ease your nerves and tiredness with soothing scents. Finally, how can we forget about cleaning tiles, they take so much effort to get back to normal shine. Know the best way to clean bathroom floor tiles!

9. Clean your bathroom-

Clean your bathroom thoroughly with virus and bacteria-killing cleaners and air fresheners. Clog and fix the toilet, sink, shower head, bathtub, taps, mirrors, flush, lights etc.

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10. Decorate and bask in the festive spirits in your house

Bring out the diyas, glass accessories, lightings, flowers, showpieces, crockery, candles, green plants to accessorize the room, new rugs, carpets, etc. Decorate according to your desires and enjoy a blissful and fresh Diwali.

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